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The Engraved Pencil Foundation was established to provide and create partnerships with Christian and Kingdom Focused organizations.  In addition, the foundation will partner with specific higher education opportunities that are representative of the founder's experiences.

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When Kennedy Jones traveled to Stillwater for her first year at OSU, her parents made sure she absolutely, positively had the one item that all freshmen need to succeed – pencils. Oh, not just any pencils. They were personalized with her name engraved on each.

Griff and Mindi Jones gave the packet of pencils to the oldest of their two children – Kennedy is now a junior and son Kale is a freshman at OSU – because a precedent was set nearly 30 years ago. In 1988, Griff Jones made the mistake of showing up for English class without a writing utensil on his first day as a freshman. “That was a pretty good indication of what my grade point was probably going to be that semester,” Griff Jones says.

As luck would have it, Jones found a pencil ­­– and much more ­– that day.

“There was this really cute blond that was sitting next to me that happened to have a pencil, so I turned to ask, ‘Do you mind if I borrow a pencil?’” he says. Of course, she not only had a pencil but her name – Mindi Higbie – was engraved on it. “After she gave it to me, I said, ‘Hey Mindi, how’s it going?’”

The rest of the story writes itself. The two soon went on their first date, dated the next four years and got married after graduating in 1991. The two will celebrate their 27th anniversary in 2018.

“I tell a lot of people that I won the lottery that day when I went to that first class,” Griff Jones says.

So, what happened on Kennedy’s first day of class in 2015? “I’ve never pulled them out. We use laptops now,” she says.

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The Engraved Pencil Foundation is dedicated to providing support and the creation of partnerships with Christian and Kingdom focused non-profit organizations.  To request a donation or sponsorship from the Foundation, please review the donation policy and eligibility guidelines below.  

All requests must be submitted in writing, accompanied by an Engraved Pencil Foundation Charitable Contribution, Gift and Donation Request Form. Request forms and supporting documents may be emailed to donations@engravedpencilfdn.org:

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